When you’re planning your dream sailing vacation you might want to factor in a little time on land too.  Check these dates out for the hottest events for 2020.

February 24 – 25: Carriacou Carnival

A vibrant event featuring fun street parades, live bands and the quirky ‘Shakespeare Mas’. This particular and unique aspect to Carriacou Carnival is described as  a rap battle but, with men dressed in colourful costumes reciting verses from the “Bard of Avon”. Get ready to be covered in paint, oil and or mud and to party for at least two weeks prior to the final two days of this unmissable celebration.

 April 4: Grenada Invitational Track and Field Meet

Sports enthusiasts, this one’s for you! The third annual Grenada Invitational will be held at the Kirani James Athletic Stadium in St. George’s.  The event is part of the North American, Central American and Caribbean Championships (NACAC) Outdoor Area Permit Meet Series. The track and field competition attracts a number of local and international athletes.

April 24 – 26: Carriacou Maroon & String Band Music Festival

Looking for little heritage inclusion? Enjoy the drumming, singing, eating of ‘smoke food’ and other rituals practised in the unique Carriacou way.  The Carriacou Maroon & String Band Music Festival is a celebration of African origins and traditions that still continue today on this sister island.

May 1 – 6: Grenada Chocolate Festival

Immerse yourself in all things chocolate!! The annual Grenada Chocolate Festival, showcases Grenada’s rich chocolate offerings and deep cocoa farming roots.  Festival activities include: tours of local cocoa farms for the chance to “dance the cocoa,” or be a farmer-for-a-day, learning chocolate tempering, moulding and truffle making as well as hands-on lessons from Grenadian artisans on how hand-made, small batch, ethically produced, “tree-to-bar chocolate is made.

May 21 – 24: Flavours of Grenada

Satisfy both the foodie and the philanthropist in you at The third Flavours of Grenada® Food and Beverage Festival.  Savour authentic gastronomic experiences at select locations around the country whilst celebrating the importance of the farm to fork experience. This event provides internship scholarships to Food and Beverage and Culinary Arts students and promotes awareness of the value of locally grown food.

May 29 – June 1:  Petite Martinique Whitsuntide Regatta

A weekend of activities including a welcome party, cultural performances, onshore activities, round the island races, open boat races and more.  This is a fun filled, action packed event which features competitive wooden boat sailing for prizes, shore side activities such as obstacle races and highlights the deeply held traditions of the island.

June 5 – 7:  Grenada Music Festival

Three nights of live performances will kick off with a mix of jazz and reggae on June 5.  Shabba Ranks, Marcia Griffiths and reggae stars Romain Virgo and Cocoa Tea will .  The final day of the event will see a fusion of regional and local soca acts, including Nadia Batson and her band, SASS, along with local artists like Lavaman, Lil Natty and Thunda, Dash and Jab King.

July 31: Carriacou Regatta

Carriacou Regatta Festival annual fun filled four-day festival celebrates importance and devotion of our people to seamanship and boat building passed down through the generations.  augmented by on-shore activities such as donkey-racing, walking the greasy-pole, bicycle-races, drinking competitions, and evening-entertainment of all sorts.

August 10 – 11: Grenada Carnival ‘Spicemas’

Grenada’s premier cultural event, Spicemas, is an incredible experience which occurs on the second Monday and Tuesday of August each year.  Expect amazing weather, fabulous people, intoxicating rhythms, the best J’ouvert in the world and an altogether culturally authentic awakening experience.

Carriacou Parang Festival

The Carriacou Parang Music Festival is a unique event that includes humorous songs of island life as well as traditional Christmas carols.  It is in held in Hillsborough, the weekend before December 25th.