Welcome to the Spice Island!

Grenada is the Isle of Spice.

With its unspoiled landscapes, it has the perfect balance and appeals to the interest of adventure lovers, beach dwellers, or couples looking for a romantic destination.

[mks_dropcap style=”letter” size=”52″ bg_color=”#ffffff” txt_color=”#000000″]O[/mks_dropcap]n this picturesque and petite island, you can swim in the crystal clear Caribbean waters of Grand Anse Beach and trek through the rainforest of Seven Sisters Waterfalls, all within a day. Grenada is an English-speaking nation and has some of the friendliest people in the Caribbean.

Discovered in 1498 by Christopher Columbus, the Island was under French occupation first and then later occupied by the British until 1974 when it was declared an independent Nation.

Grenada & The Grenadines is an authentic paradise for sailors. Crystal blue waters, stunning dives and snorkeling, amazing anchorages, unforgettable sunsets, breathtaking panoramas, friendly people, fresh and healthy local food and more.

You will enjoy beautiful cruising and reach places that you would otherwise never see.

This cruising area is safe, both in terms of hurricanes, being situated south of the hurricane belt, and in terms of personal security. People are very friendly and helpful, providing you with fresh local food along the way, ice, and mooring assistance.

Distances: The group of islands nestled between St. Vincent and Grenada is comprised of more than 18 islands, many of which are still uninhabited. Because St. Vincent and Grenada are just kilometers apart, the many islands between them can easily be reached on short sailing trips.

Apart from sailing you will also enjoy activities all around: each island has its own uniqueness and offers many things to see and do.

Things to do


Beaches: If you like to spend your time soaking up the sun, swimming in the cool seawater or snorkeling, there’s a lot to choose from in Grenada. Grand Anse Beach, boasting a two-mile stretch of white sand and calm sea is a popular choice amongst tourist and locals. Morne Rouge is another exquisite spot with local bars on the beach. If you’re looking for a bit of seclusion to get away from it all, La Sagesse, Bathway and Levera Beach are the best hideaways with journeys that allow you to explore the countryside. 

Waterfalls: There is no greater adventure than getting to a waterfall in Grenada. Annandale Falls is a short drive from the capital city of St Georges. If you’re nervous about hiking, Annandale has a paved pathway and is perfect for rock hopping and picnicking. For those who enjoy discovering hidden treasures and are game for a trek that reveals the beauty spots of our island, try Concord, Mount Carmel and Seven Sisters Waterfalls. We recommend you take a guide, start the day early and bring suitable hiking shoes and most definitely swimwear – the water will surely cool you down after a stimulating trek! 

Historic Sites: If you’re often intrigued by the history of a destination, then a tour of the island is just for you. You can explore the forts, the nutmeg factory, the chocolate factory, the rum factory and many other fascinating places steeped in culture.

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